Adult Braces & Invisalign

I never had braces as a child is it too late for me to have a perfect smile?

Of course not! While some orthodontists choose to treat only children and some prefer to only treat adults, Dr. Rubensteen has been trained to treat and has treated thousands of adults. Our office is also structured to be as comfortable for adults as it is for children. The office also has private rooms for adults that desire additional privacy. 

But I'm too old for a metal mouth or a tin grin!

Don't worry! Dr. Rubensteen has been trained in the use of clear braces, lingual braces (braces that go behind the teeth) and Invisalign. All of these are modern, high tech options that can straighten out your teeth without the metal that you are worried about. 

Isn't Invisalign very expensive? Will my insurance cover it?

In many cases, insurance will cover part of your orthodontic treatment. For the the part that would be out of pocket, Dr. Rubensteen offers in house and 3rd party payment plans with monthly payments as low as $99 a month. 

I had braces when I was younger but now my teeth have shifted! What should I do?

In most cases, Dr. Rubensteen can get your teeth back to where they used to be in a short period with braces or Invisalign. With limited treatment, Dr. Rubensteen understands that not as much work needs to be done, and unlike other orthodontists does not charge another full fee.

I had braces when I was younger, but now I lost or broke my retainers? Can your office help me?

Of course! Dr. Rubensteen sees many patients for new removable retainers (clear or acrylic) as well as to fix or replace broken "permanent" or fixed retainers. Dr. Rubensteen sets aside a few appointments each days for just such emergencies. Be sure to call so we can fit you in!