Children's Braces & Invisalign

Why choose Dr. Rubensteen?

Dr. Rubensteen makes orthodontic treatment fun! Dr. Rubensteen was trained in behavioral management techniques for normal children as well as special needs children at Harvard. In fact, he received Honors for his work with pediatric patients, a distinction only awarded to 1 or 2 students per class. Moreover, Dr. Rubensteen understands that every child is unique and instead of using cookie cutter plans for every patient, Dr. Rubensteen takes the time to explain and plan a treatment plan specifically for each patient. 


When should my child first see the orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that all children see an orthodontist by their 7th birthday. By this age the orthodontist can see check to see if the jaws are growing properly and the teeth are coming in on schedule. If not, your child may need Early / Phase I Treatment. Dr. Rubensteen offers free screening appointments to assess the growth and eruption of the teeth. If your child is not yet ready for braces, Dr. Rubensteen also will also continue to monitor your child's growth and development in recall appointments, which are also free of charge.

Can my teenager get invisalign?

Yes! Dr. Rubensteen has been trained in the latest Invisalign techniques and has treated many patients with Invisalign. Part of his training took place at the University of Florida where there were multiple ongoing research projects with Invisalign. With good compliance, Dr. Rubensteen is able to get similar results in most cases with Invisalign as he would with braces.

Braces are expensive! Does Dr. Rubensteen take insurance or offer flexible payment plans?

Yes! Dr. Rubensteen accepts most major insurance plans. If your insurance does not fully cover the cost of your treatment, Dr. Rubensteen offers in house and third party financing options with no down payment and monthly payments as al low as $99 a month.